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The iPod Car

Long long time ago, we had seen the MSN Messenger Car.Could an iPod Car be behind?Technorati tags: ,

Firefox 3 and Microformats

The last week, I was trying to sell someone the idea of Microformats and how the whole semantics integration would make information on the web a lot more organized and I'll have to admit I was hardly making any sense to the individual and had to give up real soon. Perhaps, with Mozilla now looking at Microformats, it may just result into a wider acceptance and integration of Microformats. Here's a little something about Microformats for those who aren't aware of what they are. Mozilla Designer Alex Faaborg in a recent post explained how microformats will transform the future Web Browser (read Firefox 3) into an "Information Broker":"Much in the same way that operating systems currently associate particular file types with specific applications, future Web browsers are likely going to associate semantically marked up data you encounter on the Web with specific applications, either on your system or online. This means the contact information you see on a Web …