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Ireland upset Pakistan

Just the other day I was discussing with my boss about the banality of this Round I of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 . And boy, how wrong could I have been!

Two upsets, and two giants of cricket virtually eliminated from the World Cup! First, Bangladesh defeated India making quite a dent in the Men in Blue's golden hopes and plans of glory in the Calypso land. And second, in one of the most remarkable upsets we are to see in WC Cricket, an unknown bunch of players from Ireland defeated Pakistan, virtually eliminating them from the tournament.

0500 hours here and Team Ireland is doing a victory lap. I am loving it. For the unpredictable game called cricket!!!

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No surfing at IIT-M, or is it IIT-B

The last time I posted on this blog, it was all about goof ups that some newspaper called Central Chronicle did. This morning, however, I came across a couple of mistakes on LiveMint, the newest, slickest financial daily in the country.In its story titled "Stop surfing, make friends, IIT-M students told", the newspaper refers to IIT-Bombay. The last time I heard, IIT-M was IIT-Madras and IIT Bombay was known as IIT-B. Thankfully, Bengaluru folks have thought enough to keep the first character same while renaming their city. Pretty smart, I must say.
Talking of the same story, one can't help but wonder about how stupid this decision is. From what I know, Internet nowhere would count as the culprit. A hostel without Internet is not a "dull" hostel by any means where "children" go to bed on time. Its the tons and tons of movies with the TBs of data the hostel networks boast of and the LAN gaming with the CS clans knifing around and the Conquerors travel…

Some reporting this!

There's this newspaper called Central Chronicle. I think I've seen it in some stands, when I was home last summer.

How is this relevant here? Naresh just sent me this link to a piece on IIM-Indore's placements. As he said, it's a comedy:
This year several renowned companies visited here to offer placements to the students; some of them are Macancy, Assenger business consultant, KPMG, Stern Stewart and company, Deloty consultancy, Aptiva consulting, Price waterhouse Coopers, Sap labs banking and financial services, Lehmen brothers, Goldman Saches, Duche bank, Ocvin financial, Bank of America, HSBC, City group, Standard Chartered and JP Morgan etc. Whereas in marketing field include Alghamin Industries, Colgate Palmolive, Asian Paints, ITC, Reliance, Dabur Astro meset etc.Some IT companies include Oracle, Cap Gemini, Hand strong, Cognijent, IBM, Kotek Mahindra and Kevonsis etc.


Quidditch meets Formula One

Matthew Reilly has been one author whose work I have enjoyed thoroughly. You read Area 51, Ice Station, Temple, and Scarecrow and you can't help but become a fan of his writing style- slick, real fast paced, what some call as "improbability following improbabilities." And so I sat yesterday, reading his "Hover Car Racer" even when my friendly neighbourhood library-wallah virtually pleaded with me not to read it. And I'll have to say I should have listened to him. After reading Hover Car Racer, I can't stop wondering if the Pottermania has caught up with Mathew Reilley too! There's a Race school, world's best for Hover Car Racing. And our 14 year old lad, who goes by the name Jason Chaser, manages to get admission into it. And what follows is nothing but high paced narration of one race after another where our hero Chaser takes on the big bad Draco Malfoys in school and the pro-racing world.

Exciting in the beginning, predictable in the middle and…