Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ireland upset Pakistan

Just the other day I was discussing with my boss about the banality of this Round I of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 . And boy, how wrong could I have been!

Two upsets, and two giants of cricket virtually eliminated from the World Cup! First, Bangladesh defeated India making quite a dent in the Men in Blue's golden hopes and plans of glory in the Calypso land. And second, in one of the most remarkable upsets we are to see in WC Cricket, an unknown bunch of players from Ireland defeated Pakistan, virtually eliminating them from the tournament.

0500 hours here and Team Ireland is doing a victory lap. I am loving it. For the unpredictable game called cricket!!!

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atishay said...

What will happen to all the money which pepsi pumped in the blue billion express? It should now be called "The Burning Train"

Moron said...

Can Ireland go on to win the world cup?! :P


thankfully no surprises in F1!

enginerd said...

The Blue Billion has run ot of steam once before. It will once again, how does it matter...

Arpit, from here on Ireland can only win more hearts, nothing else.
Also, I gather you're a converted Ferrari fan now ;)