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I'll have to admit that the nature of Pottermania is beyond my comprehension capabilities! As more and more fans of all ages and countries immerse themselves in Harry’s adventures, adding fuel to the belief that Pottermania is inescapable, I am purely and simply baffled by its ability to appeal to all ages.

Bored by the inactivity prevailing in this muggle world, I began to read the first one of the series and immediately concluded that reading beyond the tenth leaf was something impossible. Undeterred, I watched the first movie. I Hated it. But with the evil-wizard becoming apple of more and more eyes with every passing moment, around the world, it could only have been something wrong with me and so I watched the second movie. And then it became so easy to establish that I loathed the Potter Kid!

Just a passing thought - "Would it be a bad idea for a Potter special appearance in Oliver Twist? The poor kid could do with some wizardry."


TheQuark said…
Me too on your side. Probably easy reading (I have not read even once)and fantasy that it portrays.

But i feel like an outcast when people go in depth about all the potter characters and there idiosyncrasies!
Naresh said…
Finally, I have company in loathing the fantasy arnd the kid... I simply dont get y this brouhaha abt everyth abt the kid...

I tried reading the book too, but i stopped it even before you and stuck to movies instead!
Prasoon said…
The first two books were kiddish but the latter ones are nicely described. Donno exactly tho coz I read them about 3 years back when I was super bored.
Naresh's feeling is something I feel with LOTR btw.
Sur said…
looks like I am the first Potter fan around here too! ;)
I just love the books, mayb the first 2 were kiddish, but starting from the 3rd all the books have a taut plot! I just love JKR's humor and writing style and can read the book n number times. And to all the non-potter fans I would say 'To each one his/her own'
But ya maybe the hype surrounding the book was an overkill this time.
Lusus Naturae said…
there are people on earth who believe that they would suddenly get teleported to a world of spells and survive using unsaid gospels :P . And there are others who are curious why some people think like that. There are others who want to join and do anything interesting. We are better off watching the HP mania, or joining in provided the situation and the task at hand are worse off.
Melody said…
I don't love or hate the books/movies simply because I haven't read/seen any of them. They simply didn't move me enough to want to.

So the entire camping outside bookstores for 10 blocks for hours before release is quite unbelievable to say the least!

Rowling must be one happy woman :)
What can I say... I'm a fan... haha. But good you're not. It's kind of as bad as a drug addiction. Lots of people now need to go to rehab :P.
vrempire said…
During all of the Harry Potters's movie, when it's nearly to the climax, I become suddenly sleepy and sleep during the end of the movie. Maybe me and Potter not destined together :)

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