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The Register Article!!

This huge stir caused by Andrew Orlowski's article titled "IE7 nukes Google, Yahoo! Search" in The Register only convinces people of the transparency that blogging has brought in this world.

Imagine the pre-Scoble era when some napping journalist all of a sudden decided that it was time for some Microsoft bashing; out came an article about some evil deed of Microsoft and the big Redmond Giant climbed a few scales on the wicked-meter! Things are a bit different now.

Back to Cricket! The Island Nation

Well, with little success at Age of Conquerors trying my hand at beating the likes of William Wallaces and Surds of Turks, it was down to GTA San Andreas to rid me of the prevailing boredom. As is most often the case (just like it was with Vice City,) I do not make it mandatory to complete all games that I venture into, and hence at the morning of this day, I was again left without anything that would interest me, barring perhaps the elusive Ludlum's paperback that I can't seem to find. And so I look up to cricket, the traditional one-day cricket, without those ridiculous super-subs who have by now, in the three games that they have made appearances in, left no doubts in minds of people about their absolute worthlessness. Our little neighbours down south do make some intelligent decisions at times!

Okay, talking of cricket, with little under 12 hours to go before India take on SriLanka, I wonder what magic trick could Chappel and Dravid pull up without Sachin and Saurav (in oth…

Hard to locate an Apple on Gates' Virtual Earth

Its fashionable to criticize whatever Microsoft does! So even if Microsoft's Virtual Earth is really cool, with a much superior user interface (the neat compass making it very friendly and easy along with increased map-display area), and really useful features like a scratchpad and business search, all this world is bothered about is why there isn't an Apple on Gates' Virtual Earth!

Microsoft to patent emoticons

Now, why on this earth would Microsoft like to patent emoticons or smilies!

Link: US patent application # 20050156873 with Microsoft Corporation listed as the assignee and Bettina Walter, Thorsen von Seelen and Thorsen Jens as the “inventors”.


Manmohan Singh goes to the US

A pale buff coloured background in the newspaper is bound to draw attraction towards itself, and when the headline reads something like "Pokharan PrimeMinister", it makes the reader all the more curious. Thursday morning, waking from a long overdue sleep, I sat reading the ex-Prime Minister of the Republic of India say something about India having sold out to the US, making long term commitments in exchange of mere promises from President Bush. This coming from a man who possibly played the most crucial role in India's resurrection as a global player couldn't just be brushed aside as mere balderdash.

How much ever the current government claim about Indian relationship with the US never being better, it can simply not be denied that this relationship is built only on the framework that Vajpayee and Clinton left for the current leaders of the two countries, two leaders who are nowhere as charismatic and authoritative as their predecessors. And so Vajpayee's words co…

Call it a real bad idea in graphic design

The logo doesn't leave much to say.

Back again

Back again! To the turmoils of college life. To the cares of the present and the anxieties of the future with some wondeful recollections of a wonderful summer.

btw, does Pope Benedict really disapprove of Harry Potter?