Friday, July 29, 2005

Back to Cricket! The Island Nation

Well, with little success at Age of Conquerors trying my hand at beating the likes of William Wallaces and Surds of Turks, it was down to GTA San Andreas to rid me of the prevailing boredom. As is most often the case (just like it was with Vice City,) I do not make it mandatory to complete all games that I venture into, and hence at the morning of this day, I was again left without anything that would interest me, barring perhaps the elusive Ludlum's paperback that I can't seem to find. And so I look up to cricket, the traditional one-day cricket, without those ridiculous super-subs who have by now, in the three games that they have made appearances in, left no doubts in minds of people about their absolute worthlessness. Our little neighbours down south do make some intelligent decisions at times!

Okay, talking of cricket, with little under 12 hours to go before India take on SriLanka, I wonder what magic trick could Chappel and Dravid pull up without Sachin and Saurav (in other words, 22000 odd ODI runs, 600 odd ODI appearances!) It would be a tall order for a batting line up, which has proved its fragility umpteen number of times, to take on Moody's wards, fresh after defeating a depleted WI side. Flexibility is the word I've been hearing all along from the new coach. I don't know, but if you call getting VVS Laxman to open the batting for India as flexibility, it's synonym could only be absurdity!


isac asimov said...

well,you hve been proved right.
don't write anything negative about india,in the next posts ,please.some one might say 'thathastu'.

enginerd said...

Ok. It was not as if we were completely outplayed. But for Sanath, we had almost pulled it off! Looking forward to have Saurav back in action.

Anonymous said...

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