Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Winner is Cricket

"Nothing gets the nation going like Cricket does." A few days ago, I would have thought twice before saying this, but the recent exploits of our Men in Blue in the European continent have ensured that we fans have converted back to our first religion of choice- Cricket!

They went to Ireland down and out- written off, forgotten by their fans, away from the radar of the media. And then, all it took was a 2-1 drubbing of the Proteas in Belfast and the "Team India" was on its road to recovery- the road to fame again.

Then came England and by this time, the media had got excited- again, the newspapers and Television were discussing cricket- again, and "expectation" was back- again. The Mighty Four were on their last full tour to England and all of a sudden, none wanted to miss the spectacle. Cricket was back, forgotten for just a while, but back in all its glory; much like one of its own disciples whom we all know as Dada. The nation was believing again, so much so, that by the time the first test ended at Lord's, the Rain God had himself intervened in the interest of this born-again "faith".

The Indians celebrate Andrew Strauss' wicket, England v India, 2nd Test, Trent Bridge, 4th day, July 30, 2007 © AFP

With victory in sight in the Second test, amidst all the hoopla around Sreesanth theatrics, Zahir's fondness(?) for jelly beans and the the umpiring, all I'll say is that it feels great to be back in the good old days where Cricket is the uniting force of the nation, where a victory makes us Indians feel Indians. You know sanity has returned to the country when you can simply start a conversation with a stranger at the bus stop on everything and anything involving Cricket- Sehwag or no Sehwag?, Dada or Dravid?, the umpiring blues and all!

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Friday, July 20, 2007


I'll have to admit that the nature of Pottermania is beyond my comprehension capabilities! As more and more fans of all ages and countries immerse themselves in Harry’s adventures, adding fuel to the belief that Pottermania is inescapable, I am purely and simply baffled by its ability to appeal to all ages.

Bored by the inactivity prevailing in this muggle world, I began to read the first one of the series and immediately concluded that reading beyond the tenth leaf was something impossible. Undeterred, I watched the first movie. I Hated it. But with the evil-wizard becoming apple of more and more eyes with every passing moment, around the world, it could only have been something wrong with me and so I watched the second movie. And then it became so easy to establish that I loathed the Potter Kid!

Just a passing thought - "Would it be a bad idea for a Potter special appearance in Oliver Twist? The poor kid could do with some wizardry."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wimbledon - Swan Lake and Bartoli

OK. In the last few hours, I've been asked this question thrice and hence this post: Who am I rooting for in this Wimbledon?

I no longer cheer for "Gentlemen's Tennis" these days. For it is unusually mundane and boring. FedEx and Nadal are way way ahead of anyone else that is clearly reflected in their rankings and hardly makes for any competition. Andy Roddick comes a distant third and this makes watching men's game a little less exciting when compared to the yesteryears of the men's game. The years that passed by had a different air to them, with the likes of Sampras, Agassi, Jim Courier, Goran Ivanisevic taking to the courts, the atmosphere that much more intense, the involvement all that much more. Plus as my friend Santosh says it- where are the serve and volley plays!

(For all those jigging about on this stance of mine on FedEX and Tennis, I won't still buy your arguments about Schumi's dominance making F1 mundane though! F1 without Schumi is still like a kiss without a squeeze ;) )

Sharapove Swan Lake LookOn the other hand, the Ladies game is as exciting as it has ever been. With all the gussied up stars packing such punch, amidst shots characterized by elegance; it is nothing but a spectacle.

And Yes, intermittently you'll find some things to talk about, like there's this Swan Lake style that Ms. Sherapova was seen in this Wimbledon. Really don't know what was in her mind but she was looking like a damn swan herself. Swan or no swan, she surely disappointed her fan!

BartoliBut coming to the first question, with which this post began: Who am I cheering for this Wimbledon? Well, honestly, till yesterday I had no doubts what so ever that Justine Henin was going to win (and I was happy in the same way I am when Chelsea wins.) She's still going to win it unless Venus can pull off a performance extraordinaire, but after the 4th of July, I am totally going for this French lady Marion Bartoli after seeing her match against Michaella Krajicek! Seeded 18 for this year's event, she is what one could call a surprise survivor- the one with the weird serve and that hyper-enthusiastic dance on the baseline. She should make it to the finals. But then, why does she have to play against Justin in the semis! :(

So, who're you cheering for???


Set 1: Marion Bartoli has just been given a tennis lesson by Justin.
I think that says it all. 6-1 for Henin.

Set 2: Ms. Plumpz takes the lesson!
Who would have thought so? Bartoli wins 7-5. Boy, does she pack some punch.

Set 3: "OMG, I can lose this!!! "
Henin trails 0-4 in the decider! None around can believe it. She's simply being toyed around with.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Himesh, Paris and Piclens

The last Monday I woke up feeling not all that well- indisposed with some sort of weird cold, the sort that makes your nose go blue or pink, and a nasal tone that could give even Himesh Reshammiya a semblance of some competition. This illness streak has continued for the week and it's only now, on a cloudy, windy Sunday afternoon that I feel fine, almost perfectly.

Besides sickness, nothing really happening except that I moved in to a new place with another awesome bunch of guys. That adds something like 70 odd more minutes to my commute everyday and requires an ungodly time for me to wake up. But then, I get 24x7 Internet connectivity here which more than makes up for the trivialities :)

And for all those, who believe that the geek quotient of the enginerd weblog has come down drastically in the recent past, here's something real cool that I came across:


I installed Piclens,a firefox plugin  which delivers an "immersive full-screen experience for viewing photos on the Web." The plugin enables us to search and browser images from Google, Flickr, Picasa, Yahoo, Friendster and others in full-screen theater like mode. Way too cool! Check this video:



And then, if this is still not enough to take the geek-meter of this blog higher, soon you'll find a post here about the geek gamer- Paris Hilton. Yes the same celebrity/ socialite/ business woman/ model/ actress/ recording artist we all know so much about. Surprised? Didn't you know she is in the list of "Ten Top Girl Geeks!"