Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quidditch meets Formula One

Matthew Reilly has been one author whose work I have enjoyed thoroughly. You read Area 51, Ice Station, Temple, and Scarecrow and you can't help but become a fan of his writing style- slick, real fast paced, what some call as "improbability following improbabilities." And so I sat yesterday, reading his "Hover Car Racer" even when my friendly neighbourhood library-wallah virtually pleaded with me not to read it. And I'll have to say I should have listened to him.

After reading Hover Car Racer, I can't stop wondering if the Pottermania has caught up with Mathew Reilley too! There's a Race school, world's best for Hover Car Racing. And our 14 year old lad, who goes by the name Jason Chaser, manages to get admission into it. And what follows is nothing but high paced narration of one race after another where our hero Chaser takes on the big bad Draco Malfoys in school and the pro-racing world.

Exciting in the beginning, predictable in the middle and absolutely mundane in the end. In one word: Disastrous. Nothing else.


Bhavesh said...

this is a good book.. in fact, when he was writin it, he published it online, a chapter a fortnight and i was totally hooked..
although this isn't one of his best books, but the concept is really cool.. u put it well, quidditch crosses F1..
and ofcourse, i completely agree wid u.. mind blowin author..

Prasoon said...

The book is avoidable you mean?

Hez a mind blowing author - I'd also say that but then, this book is boring with suchan end - unbelievable :)

Ice station, Area 51 n Scarecrow were top class btw.

enginerd said...

Bhavesh, I'd agree. If you read it in parts, chapter by chapter, it would make a great read. I should have done that- a chapter a day.

Monsieur Prasoon, let me thank you. I first read Area-51 and had picked that from your room ;)