Saturday, April 16, 2005

Survival and Software Development

Any text about Software Engineering will begin by saying that most software projects are destined to fail. Failure invariably translates into blame-game and then you've got to cover your You-know-what.

Three things you ought to do to survive in the world of Software development: Manage your Time Sheets no matter how hard pressed for time you may be, generate Log Files that clearly assigns the blame for errors and Archive emails.

Anybody who told you about engineering a software must have said that these are an absolute necessity when it comes to shipping a quality software, but there's more to it. These three points in particular help you to come out unscathed in the blame game. How? Let's see.

Q: What on Earth did force you to take so long for this?
A: Simple. Because to deliver this, I had to first do this, then that and then what 'A' didn't do. They are all mentioned here in my Time sheets.

Q: Why did you do this?
A: Because your email dated so and so instructed me to.

Q: Your module is generating lots of errors.
A: Yes, it is. But I just checked out the logs and it clearly reflects that there is nothing wrong with this module. It is simply because the modules coded by 'P' and 'Q' haven't adhered to the design specifications, and they better do it fast.

Remember software are meant to fail, not us. And thus, act smart. Never ever forget to update your time-sheet. Manipulations are not necessarily undesirable. The logs should be smart enough to clearly assign the blame with the errors and about storing emails, you have Gmail and so I dont think there'll be any problems on that count.


Naresh said...

lol! Now tht the development part of my software is over, i need to stick 2 the survival ideas suggested!

enginerd said...

Testing. Testing. coco. coco.

Anonymous said...

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