Thursday, June 16, 2005

The (un)official Sania Mirza Blog

Go to Google.
Key in sania mirza blog as the search keywords.
Look at the first result you get.

I am thinking of a new title for this blog already ;)


xineohp said...

When one in every 10 posts on your blog contains the words "Sania Mirza" and "Blog" I guess thats bound to happen. Stop harping about it if you don't want it there at #1 :)

Anonymous said...

Nice, Nice, Nice! I agree with what you are saying, but I’d be careful not to take it to an extreme. Extremes tend to cause 50 year old men to jump up on couches on the Oprah show. Two things I’d recommend doing either way is 1.) Go see Batman Begins 2.) Ditch IE. I’m a big fan of Blog sites and IE doesn’t allow you to add the RSS feed in your bookmarks. I traded IE for the free Ideal Broswer which is based off of Mozilla Firefox and I love it. It’s 100 times more secure and web pages load twice as fast. Not to mention that I can now add my favorite RSS feeds to my bookmarks. =-) You can check out the browser here

Anonymous said...

well i think we need to think does she reserves so much of hype as what is being given in Indian media. The only factor promoting her is among 1 billion population nobody has such acheivements, but if you take her career i can bet she will never come to a position winning any of the grantslams. Probably beating one of the top 10 seeds itself will be a himalyan task for her. i predict it will never happen in her career graph. This is not the case of many promising stars around the world. They get noticed by beating big stars at some point of career and subequently grow into top ranks. letting her play tennis is not a problem. but this girl has identified that life is all about cashing it and now her main moto is how to encash on her newly established starhood. i dont think she is a promising tennis star. i do care for her as an indian achieved so much. let she win some good titles then we put a lot of hope on her.

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katrina said...

Sania Mirza is a Indian tennis player. She was born in Mumbai & now lives in Hyderabad.

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with career high rankings of number 31 in singles & 24 in doubles.
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