Friday, March 17, 2006

The Web 2.0 Quiz

Ever got confused between a Web 2.0 Company and a Star Wars character?

How silly is the Web 2.0 hype getting? You tell us! Here's a quick quiz...we looked in 30Boxes and analyzed 37Signals that led us to come up with the 43Things below. So without further ado, can you decide...Web 2.0 or Star Wars Character?

I scored 32. You?


Ara Pehlivanian said...

I got a 29 :-)

Prasoon said...

dude - with me not knowing much abt those domains - i ended up with 29 with all my guesses put to work - well, after this i'm sure - i'll do well even in 1 outta 2 type questions with my prob ratio being greater than 50%..[he he he]
oh btw, nerd was to score higher - i did not expect n even dream of scoring more than 32 but then, am happy that i'm close :)

Anand said...

I guess our 32 and 29 aren't all that bad considering that Mike Arrington managed 34 ;)

Arun said...

Thats one of the funniest stuff after Web Two Point Oh!.