Monday, April 17, 2006

And, this is it.

These past few days, I have given it quite a thought on how do I continue this blog, and be more regular. I've been wanting to blog more often- blogging stuff that is interesting, and blog-worthy. But the fact is that Blogging doesn't appear as exciting to me as it used to, and it could only be due to what I've referred in the past as blogging-burn out.

And so, it's time that this journey of 400 odd posts comes to a halt. It was great fun writing about all the cool stuff and I'd like to thank everyone for reading the blog. I've enjoyed every bit of it right from the moment I decided to start this blog to this moment when I decide to call it quits.

I am not saying I am quitting blogging altogether. I might as well start a new blog or continue this one real soon, but for now, there are lots of other things in life that provide better distractions.



Ara Pehlivanian said...

Noooooo! (think Wrath of Khan)...

Say it ain't so man! Say it ain't so! Will you at least continue to read blogs? Or do you plan on disappearing altogether?

Martin said...


April 1st was, like, ages ago!


Moron said...

"Blogging burn-out"

Now I know the term frm which Iam suffering frm ;)