Friday, August 20, 2004

The Browser War. It is back!

The guys at Microsoft will soon have to start scratching their heads. IE is already beginning to show its age and the new Mozilla FireFox 0.9 is here. And it is here to rule it seems.

I installed FireFox and it was simply superb. The installation was a breeze and what was most striking was its fantastic user interface. It does look good. There are a number of improvements over the browsers of the current generation. I found the concept of tabbed browsing appealing. Atleast my taskbar had some space to breathe!

It did take time to load initially but then rendered pages real fast. Another pleasant surprise awaited me. It had some sort of a download manager. I could pause my download and save to a standard location. It is more secure too. The fact that FireFox doesnt load ActiveX plugins, it automatically becomes much more secure. But I wonder what will happen if I visit the Microsoft website? IE will have to stay.

So as I said, unless Microsoft doesn't do anything about the ageing and not-so-secure IE, users like me will flock to FireFox. Why did I write this? I am a Microsoft fan!

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