Thursday, August 26, 2004

SkyBUS - scripting a new chapter in Indian metro transport

When the Sky Bus successfully completed its first test-run, B Rajaram must have been a very happy man. On August 25th, the Skybus completed its 30 metres to and fro distance at the Margao Junction. With that was written a new chapter in the history of Indian Metro transport.

This indigenously developed mass transport system is the brainchild of B Rajaram, MD, Konkan Railways Corp. Limited. The system was promoted as an alernative to underground metro system but this project has continuously been facing resisteance from certain government quarters. Issues relating to the safety of its operations have been consistently dogging the project.

Sky Bus- proves its worth in test run

The Sky Bus, being cost-effective and eco-friendy, has the potential to solve the ever increasing problems of mass rapid transport scenario in the country where urban space is a premium. What remains to be seen is that can it move beyond its testing stage?

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