Friday, November 19, 2004

Is Microsoft Crawling Google Results to Populate Its New Search Engine?

Jason Dowdell makes a compelling case describing the new 'tactic' adopted by MSN to beat Google at the Search Wars.
... [MSN] said they were going to begin crawling the entire web and doing it without charge. However, that's no easy task. So I believe MSN is using the results from Google and possibly even Yahoo to get all of the pages they've indexed on sites that have a relatively low page count in the current msn search engine.
If Microsoft is crawling Google results (I don't believe it!), then it makes me wonder why wouldn't the guys at Google take note of the huge number of hits coming from an obvious Microsoft IP!
Dear Conspiracy theorists, don those famous conspiracy hats.

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Brian said...

Would be interesting if they were. As microsoft has been known to have reverse engineering issues for years.