Wednesday, December 22, 2004

AOL to offer free web mail

Come 2005 and you might find a new web mail offered by AOL. According to, America Online is testing a new web mail service that would rival the likes of Yahoo!, Hotmail and GMail. The proposed service, which will offer 100 MB to users, will be available early nextyear for AOL subscribers and later for general public.

I however do not see why would someone flock to this 'AOL Mail on the Web.' I mean the only reason people migrated to GMail was because of the incredble 1GB that the big G had to offer, not to mention the email search that it provided. But with the 100 MB that AOL is providing and no 'excitingly unique' feature to boast of, I have absolutely no idea why would it make sense to have an account with AOL?

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