Tuesday, December 21, 2004

MMS rocks the country

Probably more is written and talked about a Multimedia Message (MMS) than on any other topic in the country at this moment. It just happens that a schoolboy films his girlfriend with a mobile phone camera, distributes the clip making a quick buck. Now an even more enterprising engineering student in a premier institute of the country decides to make some more money out of it and puts it up for auction at baazee.com, an eBay company.

As a result, topics such as 'erosion in values and discipline', morality, 'technology aftermaths' amongst the youth are debated everywhere in the country. The fellow who puts the clip online is picked up by the Police, the student who shot the clip is not only expelled from school but is also sent to an observation home and what not. All is fine till here. Now the Police decides that it must also put behind bars the CEO of the auction site.

So, a pesonwho actually calls up the police offering his help in the investigations earns an outing at Asia's famous jail. If only someone could explain me any logic behind this... Why arrest the man? I cant see one valid reason for arresting the CEO. The user agreement of the auction site clearly says that you can't trade in alcohol, drugs, antiques etc. and the things cannot be 'obscene or contain pornography'. Agreed that the transaction was not legal but you just can't put the CEO of an aution site behind bars just because the responsibility of the offence in this case lies with the consumers and nothing that could be termed unlawful has been done by the company.

It has somehow been a trend in the Indian system to come down heavily unjustifiably in certain cases. All thi san dmore when they simply turn a blind eye towards more atrocious activities that goes around them. It's high time that India has a rethink on whatever cyber laws that prevail in the country and then comes out with a more just and 'practical' system. Else, why not put the Aviation or Railways Minister in jail whenever there's a plane or train crash in the country.

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