Thursday, January 20, 2005


It ain't a great feeling being "Bangalored!"
"I have inside knowledge of call centres, having worked in several. It's crucial that the agents be efficient. Barraging them with 60-second calls will ruin their stats and also lower their morale. Eventually, they'll start thinking 'another damn rude American a******' every time a call comes up. All of this will have a cumulative effect. If 100 people across the US would commit to spending 10 minutes a day, we could cripple them, and bring those jobs back to the US."
As Pierce Ranger says, "These incidents are probably just the third and fourth stages of dealing with loss (loss of jobs, in this case), Anger and Despair. Acceptance is yet to come."


Arun said...

Bangalored jobs are actually low or medium importance ones-not always a critical task. Perhaps the only exception is google news.

Anyway, outsourcing is other part of globalization. When you lose something, you gotta gain something else too. When US is able to sell their products here, there owe us something too.

enginerd said...

Got to agree with your view point there Arun.