Friday, February 11, 2005

Comment System overhaul from Blogger!

Blogger has just overhauled its comment system. And an overhaul it certainly is. The work done by the team is simply fantastic. This new system now comes with:

- option to show or hide the original blog post that the comments relate to.
- display of any comments that have already been made.
- and the profile photos of the comment authors too (setting based.)
- comments in pop-up window (setting based again.)

And the biggest plus- the identity options! Post as a blogger user, anonymous or any 'other' user.

Blogger Comment System Snapshot in new window mode
The new Blogger comment system enables commenting in a new window.

Blogger Comment System Snapshot
All previous comments along with the Blogger Profile picture are displayed neatly to the left.


Current Blogger templates on your blogs will, however, behave slightly differently. The comments link which is below every post, like

takes you first to the individual post's archived page and from there you click on Post a comment to go the newly designed Comment posting page.

Now, if you wish to override the post-page and jump directly to the comment-posting page without reselecting a template (and thereby losing all the tweaks you made to it) , then you'll need to make a minor change in your existing template as shown below:

<a class="comment-link" href="<$BlogItemPermaLinkURL$>#comments">
<$BlogItemCommentCount$>comments </a>

<a class="comment-link" href="<$BlogItemCommentCreate$>"
<$BlogItemCommentFormOnClick$>><$BlogItemCommentCount$>comments </a>

The replacement of text in red with the one in grey will simply update your template and so, when one clicks on the comments link, he'll be directed straight to the comment posting page without having to go the archived post page.


enginerd said...

This new comment system from Blogger is simply awesome!

zhi yang said...

And I see you left a comment for yourself.

It is indeed awesome but i can't bear to lose all my haloscan comments.

So i'm sticking with haloscan until one day the company collapses or something.

zhi yang said...

And I see there's still no way to edit the comments.

Oh well.

Martin said...

Thanks for that tweak, I love it. Now, as you're the expert on this stuff, is it possible to further tweak the coments-section? My blog is black, but the comments-page is white; can I change this?


enginerd said...

The comment was in part out of excitement and in part out of the necessity to check the code.

But yeah, comment editing is certainly a desirable feature. And so are trackbacks and post categories.

enginerd said...

Hey Martin,

I don't think that would be possible with the current Blogger system.

Martin said...


Ah well, I still prefer this over the old system, so again, thanks for the tweak. Good blog you got here.