Sunday, February 13, 2005

Newsburst: Yet another Web Based RSS Reader?

I am currently playing around with c|net's Newsburst. It might just be another web based RSS reader, but certainly it looks nice to use.

What is interesting here is that this reader is provided by one of the biggest news providers via RSS itself. This launch of newsburst follows the launch of similar branded RSS readers by The Guardian and LA Times last week. The question we need to ask is why are news companies rolling out these branded RSS Readers? According to The Internet Stock Blog,
"Branded RSS readers come pre-loaded with RSS feeds from the content provider. That locks in customers and guarantees traffic. Hosting the RSS reader on the content provider's web site also makes that site the customer's destination of choice."
And we must also remember that such branded RSS Readers bring to the user not just its own contents but those of its competitors too. Now isn't it an interesting way to stop people from visiting your competitors websites? It's like getting people to come to your site to get contents from your competition!

Screenshot of Newsburst RSS Reader
Screenshot of Newsburst RSS Reader from c|net

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