Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Its March, its F1 time

Its March 2007 and we will be witnessing two major sporting events kicking off this month: The ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 and the F1 2007 season.

Just a couple of quick thoughts though:
  • Is this the biggest cricketing world cup yet??? I'd rather say that it is definitely the Longest. 16 teams and one is rest assured that the first half of the event is going to be booring.

  • Will F1 be the same again without Schumi? They might say it will get more competitive but as our Mr. Siddhu would have said, "F1 without Schumi is like giving Kiss without a Squeeze."

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Melody said...

:) to the Siddhuism.

Will miss Schumi too.

desh said...

How many kisses have u experienced so far :-) ???
F-1 has been boorin for th previous few years, and so has the Cricket been.
My interest in sports has evaporated to a considerable amount

Moron said...

a different view as opposed to desh.. F1 without Schumi could turn out to be great for one reason, now everyone would be on the same level. Schumi's dominance had literally ruined the sport and it only got revived coz of Alonso's victories.
But now only thing lacking in F1 is missing superstar like Schumi, Hakkinen who could draw huge crowds.

Anyways I am eagerly waiting for the season to start. This season its gng to be a great contest between kimi and alonso. But my money is on Kimi!


enginerd said...

Desh, you should have heeded our Munna's advice and watched the 2006 season. It was everything but booring and I am sure even moron would agree to it.
And just wondering, what happened to the die-hard Alonso fan?