Wednesday, February 07, 2007

LiveMint : A Minty Approach

Okay, its been really really long since I last posted here and I'll have to say its been very boring and exhausting. Slaving away to barely meet the deadlines was pretty much the norm all this while and its only now that I have some time to pay attention to this much neglected weblog.

I recently looked at LiveMint, India's newest financial daily- for the "new, young readers and members of the Internet generation" and will have to say that it's got a splendid design at least for the online edition that I've seen so far.

The design for both the online and print editions was done by was done Garcia Media. On the approach to the design of LiveMint, Mario Garcia writes:
1. It should be colorful, like India itself.

2. Ideally it should be in a small format ---we did versions of broadsheet and Berliner, and opted for the smaller, easier to handle format.

3. It must have perfect fusion with the online product. And, in fact, I recommended from the start that this product should appear FIRST as an online newspaper, and then two weeks later on print. That is the way it will be. This newspaper is born as an online product.

4. There should be substance, but also quick reads.

5. Navigation should be paramount.

Very slick, very neat when compared to the some of the other biz papers we have. Now only, if they could put a small orange icon next to the Link for numerous RSS feeds they have, it would have saved me a whole lot of time looking for it. And btw, didnt we all think that we no more used partial feeds these days?

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Moron said...

looks good.