Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sania Mirza and Laloo: The IE correlation

Sania Mirza appears again on the enginerd weblog.

This time for two reasons:
1. She is back in Top 50 again. Good going Miss.
2. The Indian Express (IE) goofup where her pic is with the caption: "Railway Minister Lalu Prasad cuts cake during the celebration of his 60th birthday as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress". Some correlation this: Sania in 50. Lalooji just out of his 50s.

Not quite the intended caption!!!

Bombay update:
Last couple of days in Bombay have been hectic and a lot of fun. Back to Bangalore tomorrow morning. And I heard Desh was on Radio City!


Moron said...

seems like lot happening at ur side..

wot was happening in mumbai? and desh on radio city.. awesome.. kaise, kyu?

enginerd said...

A lot happening, indeed! I was in Mumbai for a couple of presentations.

About Desh, no clue. Just received his text message about it. Let's wait for him to elaborate.

desh said...

yep i was on Radio, although just for less than 2 mins it was fun

btw Sania is gone they say, receiveing forwards of this grl named gautami singh now :)

enginerd said...

Gautami? qui est elle???