Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Impact of Internet ?

I never imagined people would be so fussy about net speed. My friend who is working on a pretty decent connection in my opinion, is always complaining of slow net speed in the campus. I wonder what sort of speed he needs for his limited requirements. Five years ago, he would have felt fortunate enough just to have a dial up connection working for him at just over a kbps.

In a country, where access to Internet was for a privileged few till the late nineties, we've come a long way in a span of just five years. The remotest of areas in the country are connected. But the impact of internet is yet to be felt at its strongest. The development of services and applications is not moving at a pace we could boast of. All this is probably due to the longevity of infrastructural issues and factors like slow connection speed, high access rates and creative solutions, ones which resulted in the cellular boom in the country.

Proper imagination and influx of venture capital could help us in developing an Internet platform envied by the world. The other day I stumbled across I-neighbors,an online community that connects people to neighbors in their local community. It is a project undertaken by a team at MIT and seems to be just the sort of a service which has the capability of making the Internet make its impact felt. (More on this I-Neighbours in some other post.) It remains to be seen how the present Internet mutates with the advent of low cost access devices, better applications and services for the ordinary and a touch of imagination thrown in.

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