Thursday, September 23, 2004

Personalize your web

In a slew of new products released that promise to personalize our web experience, I wonder what'll be the new face of the web like. The other day I wrote about, the real cool search service from Amazon. Now that is certainly redefining the way I am organizing the most crucial part of my online acivities - searching!

Furl is another such service that claims to be "Your personal web". Quite an impressive tag line! What it does is that it saves the important items you find on the web and enables you to quickly find them again.

Furl archives a personal copy of every page you save. When you want to recall it, you can find it instantly by searching the full text in your archived items, and for this they provide you a personal archive of 5 GB, large enough to store tens of thousands of searchable items.

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Soul Reaction said...

Hello again! Haha, well i see the mouse now that you mention it, sorry I couldn't tell the first time I looked.. A skateboard would be cool too, but you did a good job on the mouse and icon itself. Do you like to do graphics, and things like that? I noticed you're into a lot of things dealing with computers, that's pretty cool too.. And just so you know, I also use Mozilla. :)