Sunday, October 10, 2004

And now, AOL Browser

According to eWeek, AOL is planning to release a stand-alone Web browser of its own.
As the hubbub of alternative Web browsers keeps growing—from speculation over a so-called "Gbrowser" from search-engine leader Google Inc. to the many advances in the open-source Mozilla project—in the background, America Online Inc. has been quietly testing its own Web browser, dubbed "AOL Browser," for more than a month.
And what new features will this AOL Browser have for prospectiv users over the good old IE and the sensational Firefox? According to eWeek, the new browser would come stuffed with features like tabbed browsing, page previews on hovering over back and forward buttons, easy access to clear browsing footprints and many other accessibility features, which the other browsers lack.

AOL stand-alone browser demo, showing a thumbnail view of the previously viewed site. (SOURCE:

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