Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Campaign 3: Its now time to ignite the world

In its latest campaign, the spreadfirefox members are to do some 'old fashioned, real world evangelism.' The purpose of the campaign is pretty obvious. Its time to spread FireFox to people who aren't all that techno savvy, the people who haven't yet heard of FireFox from the ever increasing number of personal blogs or the sfx site!

And now the interesting part: The members can take a picture of their contribution and submit it to the gallery with a description of the picture.

The GOAL this time around: "To have 1,000 fun, creative and relevant pictures in the gallery by October 19th"


Soul Reaction said...

aww thanks! that's awesome of you, lmao, you're the only one to comment on my birthday, i didn't even do that.. haha. :P

NWJR said...

FireFox ROCKS.

'nuff said.