Thursday, October 07, 2004

Google Print

In its mission "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," Google announced a new search technology that would allow users to search the texts of books online.

At first sight, one may easily compare it to the recently launched service from Amazon - but the service has got altogether a new dimension to it. Google Print will allow users to search for the contents and then let them read upto 20% of ther total contents of the book. For this, Google has called for publishers to include entire books in its index, which will let people take a peek at the contents of a book before deciding whether to buy it.

To use Google Print, just do searches on Google as you normally would. Whenever a book contains content that matches your search terms, we'll show links to that book in your search results. Click on the book title and you'll go to a "content page," where you can see the page containing your search terms and other information about the book. You can also search for other topics within the book. Click on the "Buy this Book" link and you'll go straight to a bookstore selling the book online.

The Internet to all of us has been one of the most accessible source of information in recent past, though not the most "Reliable". For a large number of people, books on hard paper still remain the authenic, reliable source. It is this issue that I feel will be addressed with such a service. The 20% limit would however, prove a hindrance. Never the less, for all of us, the information available has just got better- qualitatively and quantitatively

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