Monday, March 07, 2005


My college has decided that its time we come up with a new solution for our content management needs. And so I begin the hunt for for an open source XML based CMS and end up with Apache Lenya!

Getting a test site running was a breeze. The download and install part is real easy. The only prerequisite is jdk and after downloading the binaries it took only a while to get my test site running. But then as it comes to customizing it, it becomes real complicated. There is hardly any documentation available about Lenya, and whatever exists is very very hard to comprehend. So it is in customizing the CMS part where currently I am having to spend a considerable time butI hope it should get done in not so long from now.

I am just waiting to see how far we go with this Lenya thing. It definitely is exciting. Only a bit raw as I feel, which should improve in the coming versions and with the influx of more community participation.

However, just in case the authorities say they would not prefer to go in for something as uncommom as Lenya, I have also started working on another XML Based CMS with PHP. But I'd prefer Lenya still for its not so ubiquitous, atleast as of now!


Anonymous said...

You may consider using the university of zurich publication as a baseline, which is freely available from

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