Friday, March 04, 2005

Pak Tour of India: The missing hype

No matter how much Saurav Ganguly may go on saying that there is tremendous hype surrounding the Pakistan's tour of India, but as I see it this series is failing to create any buzz that any regular Indo-Pak encounter does.Any clash between these two cricketing giants is bound to raise the fervour, and in the past it has always done so.

But this time around things are seemingly different. While in the past we had media, especially print, covering any Indo Pak encounter (or for that matter, any touring Cricket team) ever so extensively, this series has failed to attract a coverage anywhere close to it. In fact, I'd say this has to be one of the least hyped cricketing event for a very very long time. Nobody's discussing the outcome of the series, no one is discussing tendulkar's tennis-elbow, nobody's doling out advice as to how should Ganguly adapt to playing short stuff from The Pakis. The Cricket pundits too seem to be in hibernate mode as of now!

But what we have is the nation saluting two unexpected heroes, heroes not on the cricket field. Yes, my Inbox just received three mail forwards all in three days, all filled with Sania Mirza pics!!! ( He received six.) And Karthikeyan isn't doing too bad either by winning praises from Schumacher!

Have we finally found alternate heroes?


Danial said...

I think you are right about this tour and its coverage in Indian media. But the hype of the tour in Pakistan is sky rocketing. Pakistanis are expecting to see Pakistani flags waving in Indian feilds just like they did in Lahore and Karachi during the Indian Tour of Pakistan. So overall we Pakistanis are not looking for a victory in India and I hope its the same feeling there in India. Isn't it wonderful? There is a couplet by famous Urdu poetess Perveen Shakir she says:

Mayn chahat ki bazi is shart per khelon gi piya.
I will play the bet of love on this one condition

Keh Jeeton tu tujhay paaon aur haaron tu piya teri.
That if I win I get you and if I lose then I become yours

And this other couplet by Qateel I can't really translate it in English but seeing many Indian movies I think you can guess what it means.

Pyar ki bazi woh bazi hai keh
Jeet gay tu kiya kehnay aur haray bhi tu bazi maat nahi.

enginerd said...

With the Indian Government to issues visas in such huge numbers, surely there will be Paksiatni flags waving in Indian fields.

The media hype may be lacking but it'll be the players out in the middle who'll make it the big showdown! I sure am looking for some sparkling performances and some real tense cricket, something these great cricketing rivals have always provided.