Thursday, March 31, 2005

HTTP 500 error on Blogger

This is something I never encountered before. Internal server error with Blogger.

Blogger HTTP Status 500

And no, I am certainly not playing Fools Day here. It may be April 1st today, but this error was for real. I wonder how often Blogger encounters these.


Martin said...

Yup, had one too, recently.

But I still love Google.


Prasoon said...

I too saw this...

enginerd said...

We all love Google!
So what if Blogger continues deleting posts, or Orkut shows negative scraps, we'll always love Google :)

prasoon said...

hey, last night there were socket errors n it refused from posting n publishing index and blog..
did ya c that?

enginerd said...

Nope, but it seems the guys at Blogger are having their fair share of problems.