Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Backpack from 37signals

Backpack- the personal information manager from 37signals is finally out. I had been actually waiting for this ever since I read about it here.

So what does it do? On first impression, it lets you do all sorts of thing like managing to-do lists, ideas, notes with files and pictures. But there's something new here: the concept of a page.

A page is just another leaf like in your notebook. Add your to-do lists, notes, even relevant images and files on it. So your backpack can become a collection of multiple pages on different topics with complete information about those topics in the form of notes, lists, links, images and files. These pages then can be shared and also updated via email. In many ways resembling a wiki. However, I feel there should've been a WYSIWYG editor atleast. Right now Backpack allows Textile reference.

I am not too sure if it'll be all that handy but I'll try it for a while with the "free"version, which unfortunately does not get you access to pictures and file upload.

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