Friday, May 06, 2005


Dana Blankenhorn on the seven million accounts that Microsoft has
But I very seldom come across a Spaces address in my RSS feeds. What are these 7 million people doing with their MSN blogs? If no one reads a blog, how can you sell ads against it?

Now, I feel he's missing a very important point here. Just because not many Spaces figure in subscribed RSS Feeds of people the world over doesn't mean that no one visits these Spaces. Spaces is not actually a pure "Public Blogging" service. What Spaces provides is more of a private Internet space to its members enabling them to express their thoughts, share images and other stuff within their circle of family and friends who are the people frequenting the Space. Thus the audience set of a Space becomes the people you know.

You perhaps won't find any Space that is hugely popular garnering millions of hits, but with seven million Spaces out on the Net today, it IS a huge audience base.

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