Thursday, January 26, 2006

enginerd v2.01 with a Web2.0 Template

With everything around me looking so web2.0, it was time the blog too had a web2.0 look to it! And so the enginerd Weblog is now in v2.01

So what has enginerd v2.01 got? Well it has really large headings, white background (tons of whitespace thrown around), Trebuchet font, simple underlined links with hover style highlighting the full link, and the flavour of the season: selective highlighting in the lightest yellow possible.

If that isn't enough web2.0, enginerd v2.01 also switches to a content-rich footer. Now that definitely make it web2.0 styled!

And, if you would like to have a modified version of this template for your Blogger blog, feel free to contact me.


Moron said...

abt this selective higlighting thing.. doesn't it make the user think that this area is clickable? and hey remember don't make the user think.. wat say?

anyways pass on this template.. looks nice!!


Ara Pehlivanian said...


Martin said...

Lookin' sharp, there, sir.


Anonymous said...

looks nice!!