Monday, January 30, 2006

Google Toolbar 4.0

The new version of Google Toolbar would come packaged with a host of new features that surely sound useful. According to the Revision History, the new Google Toolbar for IE would feature:

Version 4.x.x.x

New Feature

  • Custom buttons: Add custom buttons to the Toolbar to search your favorite websites
  • Bookmarks: Create bookmarks that are accessible from any computer
  • Enhanced search box: Get query suggestions as you type in the enhanced search box
  • "Send To" feature: Send web pages to friends via Gmail or SMS, or post directly to a blog
  • Log into your Google account from the Settings menu
I am not too sure what the Bookmarks feature is all about? If it is only about accessing your personal bookmarks from any computer, then it is no big deal. But if Google manage to do a with bookmarks sharing and tagging, it could be an interesting proposition.

But one just wonders what usefulness will these features have with the release of Internet Explorer 7 as it has an integrated search tool (like Firefox) and with Windows Live Favorites looking better by the day, bookmarking in IE is sure to undergo a major change. But then, just how many would switch to IE7?
Go Google Toolbar!!


Prasoon said...

it indeed is the delicious way but u need to have that toolbar on the pc where u want ur bookmarks to be imported.. tags are there, buttons for various servics can be coded almost instantly..
overall its awesome but now, i'm missing ie7 for the 1st time..

enginerd said...

Yep. It surely is a wonderful option. Perhaps now IE would also try to integrate Live Bookmarks somehow. (Live Bookmarks can export and import to IE.)