Monday, February 06, 2006

More on coComment

I have put up the Firefox Extension for coComment! I and a few friends have been using it for a day now and it seems to work fine!

coComment! for FirefoxLaurent has posted a few coComment invitation codes in my previous post's comments. Thanks, Laurent. Make sure you get them before they are gone.

SolutionWatch has put up a quick review of coComment with a Greasemonkey script

Also, here is the screenshot of my Firefox Extension for coComment that allows you to coComment! from the right-click context menu that I quickly put together. This extension is of a great help especially when commenting in pop-up windows where you can't access your bookmarks. And even on a general page, reduces your onscreen movement time (Read more here).

Its high time I got myself some web hosting space.


Moron said...

anand d00de, iam bored of my template.. build me something good yaar..

lau said...

I want your extension!!!!

enginerd said...

The Firefox extension is available now!

k.o_lab said...

yeap really nice extension! will you implement something like the greasymonkey script that someone else was mentioning?

Anonymous said...

What a great site