Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yahoo Mail Beta - Way too slow

Yahoo! Mail BetaSo after waiting for months, I finally got my Yahoo! Mail Beta invite a fortnight ago and wasted absolutely no time in clicking on the link which read something on the likes of 'Try the new Beta'.

However, two weeks into the Yahoo Mail Beta and I am left completely disillusioned. For all the AJAX thrown in with the objective of making it a "native" application supporting drag-and-drop, reading pane, and a very desktop application like interface (read Outlook like), the application is extremely sluggish. There is just too much of lag in everything- be it message loading, or the over-crowded contextual menu that pops up on right click.

Takes forever to load. Takes forever to respond. If it were the old days, I could have blamed it on my more-than-obsolete machine. But that is no longer the case. Thankfully, they have a "Switch Back" option sitting right next to "Sign Out"!

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Ronald Poi said...

Finally someone who think the same way. I prefer Yahoo Mail over any other webmail provider, but their new Yahoo! Mail Beta is very slooowww... i switched back as well