Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Music-Impaired

I have a disability when it comes to music- understanding it and appreciating it.

So much so that sometimes when I stand with my friends, I can't help but feel that they are an alien bunch talking gibberish in an alien language about this thing they call music. I stand there dazed and confused, seemingly lost in their conversations laced with words like melody, rythmn, beats and what not.

They say its World Music Day today; and that I have a serious problem.


desh said...

me with u my friend when it comes to music
no preferences but anythng played on a low volume works :)

enginerd said...

"Anything played on a low volume works." And so does anything played by RJ Vasanthi, right? :P

Atishay said...

Well there are pros and cons of it. In office you wont waste time in setting a playlist ;) . So you are more productive in office.

Second, this means you are not distracted and concentrate on work. Lately my habit of listening to music has reduced. Mostly because I have lot of work to do now and music distracts. I dont feel like listening to music.

But Music is good and should be enjoyed and not made as a obsession. And if that happens, time to change the profession.