Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Weekend plans?

At lunch today, the topic of discussion was passion for motorcycles; and by the end of it, we had planned out midnight ride to Nandi Hills.

Didn't turn out to be a particularly bad idea, considering Local Live estimated it just over 6000 miles :O

Bangalore to Nandi Hill in just 6000 miles

Didn't know they had a Nandi Hill in Kenya too.


Prasoon said...


Lets go this weekend ;)

Anand said...

Not this weekend, I am off to Mumbai Sunday morning ;)

desh said...

yeh kab hua
find route on live maps, you will find a new mumbai

btw i found out tht this thng is much bttr than Google Maps.

Just tht it shows time for covering 100KM in India 1 hour, poor fellas didnt consider the roads here :P

Naresh said...

Oh wow... Lets plan and go there :P

@desh: Those guys shud have tried travelling in Bangalore :P

Anand said...

"Let's plan to go there!" Sure. But only if His majesty finds time to at least meet his subjects!!!

I am using Google Maps API extensively these days and they are nothing short of awesome.

Supriya said...

hey i saw smthing similar on google maps, try finding the route from a city in US to one in UK.. u'll find a road route, i guess it is route#30/32 in the list..