Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another semester...

t e s t p o s t/gibberish

Twice in an year we are confronted with the beginning of new semesters and somehow every time it throws open a can of nutty university policies that I am hardly aware of; the consequence of which results in mine being involved with troubles galore.

Of other things, everyone is found discussing about the courses one should be opting for. What rules the choice of a course is neither the content nor one's personal interests, but the ease with which it can be done with, with an easy top-notch grade in the 'kitty'. As if this were not enough, personal differences and preferences with members of the faculty have also to be weighed sufficiently, for these can have a significant impact on the end result.

Thus success in the first battle requires strategy down to the last detail. But then, there are surprise enemy tactics too. The university decides to scrap of a course completely, leaving all preparations useless and disturbing all well formulated equations of many a brave enterprising youth depriving them of something immensely valuable- an 'A' in their kitty. Then comes the task of picking the next easier target, but there's another catch too explaining which in itself is an ardent task, and so will go unmentioned here.


phew! The prospect of having to spend more than necessary time here scares thhe hell off me!

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