Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lets bring'em down

Hijackers. Beware! India now has its own hijack policy! After learning the lesson the hard way in the form of the hijack of the IC-814 flight and 9/11 it was expected that India would come up with a tough policy to deal with hijacked aircrafts and that is what it has come up with, taking a few years longer than it should have.

It is obvious that such a clear policy could have averted the whole IC-814 episode. With clear instructions and well defined responsibilities, that aircraft would have never left Indian airspace and India would not have had to compromise in some foreign land playing by the rules as dictated by a hostile regime. If one were to apply this new policy in the circumstances that sprung up in that horrible incident, its effectiveness is amply proven.

One would expect that this new policy will send a strong message to those in business of using civilian aircrafts as missiles. However, what would really determine its success would be the ability of the people involved to implement it as a whole. With our government's proven track record of bending rules for almost all possible reasons, how strictly would they enforce this policy is anyone's guess. Also, with so many ministers that it takes for foraging support to form a democratc government in this country, it might not be all that impossible for one of these ministers' kin to be on board that aircraft. Try storming that aircraft then, leave aside the thought of shooting it down!

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