Monday, November 07, 2005

Windows Live

The other day, Ara Pehlivanian had put up the question "What feedreader do you use?" Of the many feed readers that I have tried so far, only Bloglines and Newsburst were two that I really liked. I have been using Newsburst now for quite sometime and though it lacks the feature of seeing the number of subscribers there are to a blog, it makes up for it with a much better layout, quicker updates and a super cool response team.

Windows LiveNot a bad time to write about Windows Live. Is it? Windows Live actually incorporates most of the functionalities that, basically a feed aggregator, offered. I tried when it was still in Sandbox and was really impressed by it. However, there was one thing that prevented me from switching completely to it- categorization of feeds. But now with a whole lot of features like IM client and email integration added to it , in its new avatar as Windows Live, it looks really good.

Using Windows Live meant that I had to switch to IE, as Firefox support isn't available yet. But then, I was quite impressed by what it had to offer with tools for searching and reading feeds, email integration on the desktop, and 'Gadgets'’. There are already some pretty cool Gadgets like Live Favourites, To-Do List and flickr Viewer that you can add to the desktop available at Microsoft Gadgets Gallery for downloads.

Michael Arrington on Techcrunch has a complete writeup on Windows Live. One thing he had to say: "After what I saw today, I despair for many a silicon valley startup."

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Ara Pehlivanian said...

I'm not sure the whole "everything on one page" thing works for me, because I load up a browser instance to browse. Not sit and stare at one screen. Although I suppose it's a bit like a feed reader, you don't want to go skipping from site to site to read your news, weather etc….I don't know, put me in the undecided column.