Friday, May 04, 2007

Life in namma Bengaluru

"Life" has to be spiced up in Bangalore! Absolutely no second thoughts about it and when someone in the Government thinks the same way too, you can't help but wonder if what you're hearing is right.

Back in college, I can recall everyone excited about the prospect of moving to Bangalore. After all, it was supposed to be the city with a "night life" worth boasting about and what not. And boy, weren't expectations hurt when we set foot in Bangalore. Creatures of habit- we, who hardly went to sleep before pinging Sun God that it was his time to take over, were left devastated that there was not even a cup of tea and Parle-G to be had after 11pm. I've seen many an individuals feel let down by this city of their dreams seeing the roads deserted, the shops and eateries shuttered down, the auto-rickshaw-wallahs shouting obscene fares at them (come on folks, assuming you are a Software Coder and since almost all autowallahs in this city consider it their duty to penalize us who are obliterating this wonderful city which it once was, you ought to be willing to pay well for a royal ride home)

So, its really late, really late like 10pm, you can do one thing and that is to get down to the cheapest movie hall around- Urvashi and catch a movie or two. It's Bangalore and in bangalore you don't get movie tickets easily like you d in Mumbai. So Spidey-3 will have to wait for you. Till then, go catch Tara-rum-pum-pum. Better if you can take your doggie along too! If you're not amongst the ones who are obsessed with the so-called-meaningful cinema, you should be having a good time.

Others can go and watch Blood Diamond. I heard PVR at Forum is screening it and those who have not yet seen it, it's a must watch. From my unfinished review for a newsletter I should be contributing a lot more regularly: "One may call Blood Diamond an adventure thriller, but it is much more than that. It appeals to you; to wake up and see for oneself the grimness of the situation in Africa. The movie narrates the tale of the trade in conflict diamond, profits from which buys guns and fuels violence. If Hotel Rwanda made one feel guilty about not doing anything about the terror that torments the continent of Africa, Blood Diamond takes it a step further with making people realize how they are actually encouraging it unknowingly. Edward Zwick (The Last samurai fame) chooses to tell this story with a big name star Leonardo dicaprio and does a fantastic job of it."

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Naresh said...

an unlikely-by-enginerd but wonderful post... being in bangalore for well over a week now, i can relate to it a lot too!

lets catch up smtime soon!