Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mobiles- Push based advertising might work

The last time I wrote about mobile advertising, I had written that push based advertising could really get annoying. However, speaking at the PMN Mobile User Experience conference, Antti Ohrling-co-founder of advertising-funded MVNO Blyk said that it might just work!

[...]push-based advertising will not annoy customers if it is correctly targeted. In fact, Blyk's research in the UK market (where it will launch this summer) indicates that customers perceive value in receiving push messages if they provide unique offers. Ohrling, who also chairs a global advertising agency, explained that push advertising can be a way of enabling customers to differentiate themselves from their peers by giving them access to information and events unavailable through other channels.


TheQuark said...

Push based advertisement would need to be targeted based on individual's consumption pattern. The biggest problem is privacy issues.

Apart from that I think India might not be the right place where no information is properly collated, like the last night discussion we had about maps.

Such stuff needs out of band activities like collecting data in a structured manner which can't be done virtually (not always)

Anand said...

Agreed, it has to be relevant.

It shouldn't be too difficult in India to actually push targeted ads. I believe MSPs would not be too unwilling to provide the demographic details (just the consumer's gender/age); to that you add LocationFootprints and you're in business!