Monday, May 07, 2007

Mobile advertising - Its about Timing

Timing is Everything has a wonderful piece on Mobile advertising. Timing is Everything, it says:

"The key to the promise of mobile advertising lies in the fact that the mobile device provides a very personal, direct and interactive communications channel to customers, he points out. In advertising terms, mobile operators own some of the best advertising inventories available anywhere. In addition they own two key assets: the customer's location and personal identity in terms of behaviour, demographics and content preferences. This puts mobile operators in a very strong position when competing for advertising budgets."

Somehow I am confused by the two possible ways of mobile advertising: First, the push based advertising where you just send an advertisement through an SMS to the user. The second, where the user sees an embedded text ad on his screen, say while browsing on his mobile. While the former seems too intruding and offensive, the second simply eats into the precious screen estate. Which one will turn out trumps? We'll have to wait and watch!

Mobile Is Going to Be a Larger Market Than Internet Advertising

K@W spoke to AdMob's Omar Hamoui on Mobile Advertising: How is mobile advertising evolving? How does it differ from conventional web-based advertising?

He makes an interesting comment: "Finding the inventory and getting ads to run on it is harder than getting advertisers to be interested in it"

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merjoem32 said...

Mobile advertising does have great potential. With the number of people who are using mobile phones, it may even surpass Internet advertising in the future.