Friday, October 07, 2005

Movie Review: A Lot Like Love

A Lot Like LoveIts a story about two young people meeting on an airplane, and an on- off kind of a relationship that follows over a course of seven long years. A Lot Like Love is not just your another romantic comedy, but it is about something more, something really deeper, more heartfelt.

Emily, played by Amanda Peet (The Whole Ten Yards) and Oliver, played by Ashton Kutcher have this fling on board an aircraft; spend a day together, only to meet after years. Their paths cross occasionally; situations draw them to each other, and then keep them apart. Somehow the sparks never really occur, either due to his career ambitions or her mates. But there's always the chemistry between them!

A Lot like Love : Review

The best part is that the story feels refreshingly real. The casting works wonderfully well too. The two characters Oliver and Emily have a wonderful chemistry going and while Amanda Pete looks great, carefree, and idiotic all at the same time, Ashton Kutcher is his usual good. He is not your usual super-successful guy in the film. He doesn't always end up winning, doesn't get what he wants, which makes it look that much more natural.

I actually enjoyed the movie, and would recommend it if you aren't really one of those who really give 'originality' and 'intelligence' too much thought.

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Anonymous said...

a lot like love rocked. n amanda peet was dazzling