Monday, October 03, 2005

What I did today

OK. This is a title lifted straight of a blog that I stumbled upon while clicking on the Blogger Next Blog button. And, in a way, the title actually paves way for this post, but it may be misleading as I intend to write only about what I did this evening. And please do not worry, for this post should not be an indicator that the enginerd weblog is turning into a crappy I slept... I woke up... I ate ... kind of a blog.

'Web Services' has been the talk around the campus for quite sometime, atleast in my circle of people. For some, it is only because of the assignment (of which they unjustifiably make heavy weather of,) and for some others, it is only because of their quest to impress our Professor who called this big shot from IBM Research wing to deliver a lecture on Selection of 3rd Party Web Services and all. Somehow, it was a stark contrast to some of the earlier invited lectures, this one was really impressive and with our knowledge in the field, very informative. I cant recall attending a session so interesting in the recent past.

Someone told me once that a person's attitude is best judged by his attitude on a sports field. And that is exactly what I experienced on the volleyball court today. I could see some people playing the game all tensed up, overkeen on winning, thereby making it a pressure-cooker scenario. The end result: they ended up making too many unforced mistakes, blabbering excuses, complaining and blaming all around them. Sportsmanship certainly wasn't the order off the hour.

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