Friday, October 14, 2005

Rustle the Leaf : Environmental Comic

I wrote the other day about UNICEF choosing Smurf cartoons to convey the impact of war on children. So while the idea of bombing the Smurfs out of existence seemed outrageous to many, it still hit home. I have always believed that comics/cartoons are a wonderful way of putting your message across. They have this zing attached to them, an uncanny knack of attracting attention of all, across all ages.

Rustle the Leaf is another such endeavour to sensitize the citizens of the world about the environment where Rustle and his friends communicate the essential environment themes and truths through a comic strip. The objective of this environmental comic is to "encourage environmentalists, to facilitate the sharing of environmental views in an engaging, nonconfrontational manner, and to introduce and reinforce environmental education with people ages 6 to 106."

Rustle the leaf
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