Thursday, December 28, 2006

Free SMS Greeting Service from MyToday

The "someday" I wrote of in the last post has arrived sooner than I expected. Things've been outright crazy: at work, and at home. But I hope they'd be relatively calmer in the days to come.

I've been in Bangalore now for 3 weeks and it's been pretty much fun albeit the fact that I spend a whole lot of my time commuting amidst blaring horns on the jam-packed roads . Met lots of my friends from college the past weekend and had great fun at the not-so-chilly hill station Coorg over the extended weekend. Also met Atishay but didn't get to see his Ferrari laptop. Perhaps Microsoft would bribe me too with one!

MyToday has launched a free SMS greeting service for Indian Mobile users. You get to type your greeting message of 110 characters and the message is sent free along with 50 characters worth of MyToday ads. Tried composing a cool 110 characters new year greeting. No success so far.

"Is Microsoft Driving Innovation or Playing Catch-Up With Rivals?" Microsoft critic Dave Winer and former Microsoft "technical evangelist" Robert Scobledebate the topic on WSJ. Certainly an interesting read. Another of Dave Winer's posts I've enjoyed recently is "Good Luck Jimmy" where he opines that "Someone should try to make the next big leap in search, there's little incentive for Google to try." I particularly liked the quote "Revolution, from time to time, is a healthy thing." that Soxiam had on this.

One thing that I often fail to understand is why Newshutch is overlooked when people talk about Feed Aggregators. I've used it for a very long period of time and will say that it is pretty useful with a very slick interface. And so I was very surprised today to see it being completely left out in this comparison of best RSS Aggregators on SplashCast.


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