Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Vicious Circle

"And this, O Fate, is I think the most vicious circle that thou ever sentest" Remember the classic Poem by Ogden Nash. Caught up in a similar vicious circle at work for the past few days, these words from my primary school text book simply came to my mind. What fun days were those!

Is there a way out? Prasoon recommends spending more time at Digg rather then burning out with the build-compile-deploy routine. I honestly fail to understand how that could make things better, if not worse. No sir, I'd rather stick to my feedreader like BusinessWeek's Rob Hoff, without all that crap Digg throws.

And the feed reader and the unanswered mails in my Inbox are certainly keeping me busy. This morning, Andy Kazeniac over at compete.com informed me about their comparison of the demand for the three Video Game consoles through the week of November 25th. Really interesting to note from their research how the XBox 360 is holding its own in terms of popularity despite the recent launches and abundant press for the other two next-generation gaming systems.

Also, I saw this new network and web stats monitoring service http://mon.itor.us/ I just can't seem to pronounce it but certainly is something you might like to give a try. Then there's also this new Virtual Machine that Sun has offered Solaris on with software for calendars, e-mail, Web sites, Java server software etc. Great idea considering that VM is such a woderful and hastlefree way for people to try out new software. [via Andy Tucker]


Prasoon said...

Crap that digg throws huh :O

I just mentioned it to make your time pass interestingly whilst you surf the 'necessary' n 'unnecessary' both.. :D
Helps a techie like you cool off you see - its always not VERY important to spend your time doing _just_ productive work n reading you see..

~ sope :P ~

Prasoon said...

Ah did you have a look at twitter.com?

People here somehow getting a lil crazy coz its seamless integration of web 2.0 they say.. Text, sms, IM anything to just update that thingy :)